Lucie Chihandae is a writer, an award-winning podcaster, and co-founder of the media company 2Sistars Media, LLC.

Having started writing at the age of nine, Lucie, throughout her career, has worked in various media as a writer, radio host and journalist, where she honed her storytelling skills through words, images, and voice.

She has dabbled in poetry, novels and short story, writing young adult fiction, horror, romance, and fantasy genres.

She is also the author of her debut adult saga The World Is Ours, which is a work that combines the romance, saga, and adventure genres.

At the heart of Lucie is storytelling, which she indulges in, given any form of media, because she believes life is one giant storybook waiting to be written.

She lives in Maryland, in the United States, where she hosts a literary podcast exploring the lives and works of Black and African authors.

The World is Ours

I knew this book had me when I passed by Wandegeya trading centre and all I could see was Kevin’s flat and the different characters and businesses located there in The World is Ours; when I saw three Somali boys crossing a road and started naming them according to characters in the book. When was the last time a book did this to me?
When was the last time a book did that to you?

—Dorothie Ayebazibwe

Brave Kemi

Murungi, a rural girl, has a friend, Kemi, who lives in the city. Murungi’s grandmother, Kaka, wants to marry her off to Kwaju, a rich, childless old man with four wives. Through her friendship with Kemi, Murungi succeeds in fighting off Kwaju’s attempts to marry her, and gets on with her education

Storyzfromyhair Blog

A diverse colorful ‘hairy’ collage of short stories, poems, and commentary as well as profiles about people, life, and their dreams specially brought to you by the ‘thoughtful girl’ a moniker Lucie Chihandae uses.

Storyzfromyhair Podcast

Originally a blog littered with short stories, poetry and random commentary, Storyzfromyhair has evolved into a writer’s lounge; A space where writers kick back and talk about writing ; a book , short story or screenplay. A 30 minute session with writers on different aspects of telling stories.